The Little Guide
A travel guide on living like a local.

Must Have's

A few must have digital tools for working remotely & traveling.

Digital Resources

Keeping organized while traveling is a must to make sure your life is still in order. I try to systemize as much as possible in terms of my resources and here are are some of my favorite tools for keeping myself organized and rewarded while traveling.  I personally use and pay for these services.  Follow the links below and we'll both win: you'll receive a discount and I'll receive a referral credit.  Win-win if you ask me. 💯


Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card

The best way to earn free flights and hotel stays is with this gem of a find. 3x points on anything travel or food related. I've flown many free international flights now thanks to this winning card. Use this referral code and get 50K bonus points too!



The best way to live like a local is to rent an apartment in your city.  I've found many of my happy homes this way and recommend booking a few weeks in advance for the best, most unique places.



Figuring out international money transfers can be tricky but Transferwise simplifies it with money transfers at the current exchange rate. I use this with clients and friends.



If you're American, you'll want to have T-Mobile before you leave home. Their standard plan comes with unlimited international data, text, and free calls back to the States over wi-fi.

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