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A travel guide on living like a local.


My discoveries while living like a local in different cities around the world.

A travel guide for living like a local in different cities around the world.


My Morning Routine


One of the single most impactful habits contributing to my successful digital nomad journey is kicking off each day with a miracle morning routine. I find it helps you hone in on your life goals, provides you the focus and mindset to achieve them, and most importantly puts you in a high energy state to actually take daily action. I learned about the miracle morning while spending the Fall of 2017 in London when I began making friendships that have now forever changed my life. My new friends were the most uplifting, rah rah bunch you can ever imagine and they were not only kind and hugged you into their social circle, but they also were each independently successful in various impressive entrepreneurial pursuits (property investors, social marketers, online biz owners, hedge fund creators, etc.). What ties us together is our drive, dedication, and support for one another in achieving each of our individual life goals. I’ve now realized we had unknowingly created our own mastermind group and it’s absolutely been life-changing in the most positive way. I learned that everyone in the lot started their days with a miracle morning routine so I was eager to find out what it was and after reading the book, soon committed to doing it for 90 days which I am forever grateful for now. As Robert Kiyosaki says in Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you should only listen to those that have already achieved what it is that you want. At the time, I had left my 6-figure corporate career a few months prior and was kicking off my new remote digital consultancy as well as starting my Arbonne social marketing business so was diving into a bit of the unknown so was up for the challenge.


The miracle morning consists of 6 key actions, a.k.a. SAVERS: Silence, Affirmation, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, Scribing. Hal Elrod, the author of The Miracle Morning essentially interviewed the most successful people around the world to learn about their morning routines and quickly found some commonalities amongst the group where everyone started their day from an assortment of these 6 main habits. After this observation, Hal decided to take it to the next level and began dedicating one hour each morning and do 10 minutes of each exercise which he found supercharged his results and shortened the time in which he achieved them. After following the morning routine myself after only 2 months, I discovered I had not only surpassed my original goal of replacing my previous corporate income, but I had also promoted to the next level of my social marketing business and found myself with the body I had always wanted but seemed so hard to achieve back home - lithe & lean.


I personally generally wake up at 7:30am no matter where I am in the world, brush my teeth/wash my face, make myself a morning Arbonne fizz stick & mind health (gives you a bunch of vitamins - B2, B12, Ginseng, Coenzyme Q10, etc. - while simultaneously optimizes your cognitive function), and sit down in a quiet place. Since I started my routine as I was traveling, my preference is to always use digital tools which should hopefully make it more easily accessible to everyone and especially digital nomads. Below are the specific tools that I use. Start by doing 10 minutes of each and as you get the hang of it, personalize it to what feels the best for you.

  1. SILENCE - Meditation. I often switch between the following depending on how I’m feeling. All are available as a mobile app or on their website.

    • Headspace: Guided meditations with a British voice and fun animations. There are themed series and great for beginners or if you have something you want to work through (i.e. anxiety, self-esteem, productivity).

    • Calm: Guided meditations with an American voice and nature sounds (i.e. lots of water). They also have themed series and are well known for their Bedtime Stories featuring celebrities.

    • Insight Timer: For advanced meditators who want to start their day listening to their intuition. You can create your own custom timer soundtrack and choose from various bell sounds which I personally love.

  2. AFFIRMATIONS - Read out loud/to yourself. These are various “I am” statements of things that you want to be, have, or do. The theory of why this works is we all have mirror neurons and by essentially stating the things that you want to happen in the present, you “trick” your mind into thinking you have already achieved them and therefore you’ll subliminally make decisions aligned with getting you there. Read more about it in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

  3. VISUALIZATION - I often review my vision board for a few minutes and then listen to a dedicated Visualization youtube video. I did a few of these exercises while attending a personal development seminar and found it really helps you feel how you would feel if you achieved these goals already which again, is great for your mirror neurons.

  4. EXERCISE - I absolutely LOVE Boho Beautiful’s 15 min. Morning Yoga Workout which is amazing for your arms and core. Her youtube channel overall is amazing so definitely bookmark her yoga workouts playlist. Her and her hubby are also digital nomads so it’s fun watching the videos as the locations are breathtaking. I travel with the Jade Yoga Travel Mat which is incredibly light and foldable so can easily fit into any suitcase, backpack, or frankly plastic shopping bag if you need to walk onto your flight with it (totally guilty of this one).

  5. READING - I am generally hungry at this point so will make my breakfast protein shake and drink it as I snuggle up with a personal development book on my Kindle or listen to it via Audible. My current read: The 10x Rule Audiobook. Highly recommend it so far btw!

  6. SCRIBING - I like to start out bullet journaling with my Five Minute Journal where I list my top 3 things that I am most grateful for, what I would like to achieve that day, and my daily affirmation. This only takes a few minutes and then I usually dive a little deeper and write a page or so in a separate journal where you can free write about whatever is on your mind to empty it out to start your day clearly OR for the more advanced, begin writing about your day or an event as if it’s happened already focusing in on how you would have liked it to go and how it made you feel.

    • When I’m at home, I keep a hard copy version of my journals as nothing beats hand writing but while on the road, I default to the Five Minute Journal and Penzo apps.

    • Kimberley Wenya has amazing journaling posts if you’d like to learn more about it.


Well, there you have it folks. My morning routine. How do you start out your day? Do you have any favorite tools you would recommend? I always love learning from others so feel free to leave a comment with any questions or suggestions.